Aviator: A style of frame like those that pilots used to wear; they are usually made of metal material and are large with tinted lenses. Modifications of the traditional aviator-style frame are very popular. An iconic style which was originated by Ray-Ban.

Adjustable Nosepads: Located in the bridge area, they help to distribute the weight for a comfortable fit. Some pads are made of silicone type material that also prevents slippage.

Bridge: The part of eyeglasses that extends across the nose.

Cat-Eye: A retro style frame with an upswept almond shape influenced from the 1950’s to 1960’s. A very popular look currently with the women.

Flash Mirror Lenses: Highly reflective cosmetic coating to a lens. The frame has a hint of mirror, adds style, shimmer and colour to the lens.

Gradients: When a lens has a gradual fade from a dark to light colour, usually fading from the top down.

Rimless: Frames in which the lens appears to not have a frame, held together by invisible nylon cord, notches or mounting screws.

Half Rimless: Frames with a traditional frame on the top half of the lens, where the bottom appears to have no frame (but is invisible nylon.) There are also half-rimless frames with the rim on the bottom and not the top.

Tortoise: A frame that is a mottled brown or gold colour, which resembles a turtle shell.

Wrap-Around(wrap): Type of frame that curves around the head, from the front to the side. Wrap-around sunglasses tend to offer extra sun protection because the lenses usually hug close to the face and protect the delicate tissue around the eye as well.

Shields: Large glasses, generally sunwear, that were originally designed to fit over prescription eyewear. Lens is cut so it is one piece, covering more space on the face.

Key-hole Bridge: A type of bridge that fits only on the sides, and does not touch the top. Resembles a keyhole.

Saddle Bridge: A type of bridge that sits uniformly over the nasal crest.

Spring Hinges: Type of hinge on eyeglass frames that flexes, making the frames more durable. Spring hinges also help keep your glasses in proper alignment and reduce the need for frequent adjustments.

Titanium: A type of metal alloy that is very strong, lightweight and often hypoallergenic.

Temple: The “arm” or “wing” of a pair of glasses, running from behind the ear to the lens area.

Three Piece Mount: A rimless frame that has mounting pieces that attach to each lens and a bridge piece that attaches the lenses together making the look virtually “frameless.”

Uni-fit Bridge: A plastic or silicone insert on a metal frame that replaces the adjustable pad arms and creates a one-piece bridge construction similar to that on a plastic. Some are very flexible and have the ability to be customized to fit the contours of the nose.

Wayfarer: Originally designed by Ray-Ban it is now an iconic and revolutionary frame of the 20th century. A true best seller!

Zyl: Plastic frame material.