General info

Can I just order frames with no prescription in them?

Yes! Just tick "frame only" in the prescription area of the web page, we will then send you your frame with non-prescription lenses in them.

Please note if you select frame only option, you will receive dummy lenses.

If the you wish to have plano lenses for fashion use then please choose SVD (Single Vision, Distance), 1.5 standard lenses with anti reflective and anti scartch coating and leave the RX (Prescription area) blank. Please mention this also in the "additional infomration" box at the end of your transaction.

Do you require Distance or Reading?

Distance Use: This is a general everyday use prescription which is often worn continuously. Your optician may suggest additional requirements for reading or VDU use.

VDU: This is sometimes advised by your optician to help reduce eye strain for those who use VDU’s for an extended period of time.

Reading: Prescriptions used for close work. A Cizal coating will help with close work clarity.

Do you sell Bifocal or Varifocal lenses?

Yes we do!

Bifocal lenses provide a convenient way to combine distance and near vision in one lens. The near vision part of the lens is contained in a small segment visible on the front of the lens and sits level with the top of your lower eyelid so as not to interfear with your distance vision.

Although not as cosmetically appealing as a varifocal lens, bifocal lenses are functional and simple to use. If you require clear vision for distance, close-up for reading and for mid or intermediate range (computer use, prices in shops etc) a varifocal lens will be required.

How can I find items I want online?

If you know the model code of the frame then simply use the 'search' link on the top of the website and type in the product code. Or you may wish to use the Designer Glasses, Designer Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses category link and the then search by brand to find the product you are looking for.

How do I find out the sizes of glasses and sunglasses?

For size guide please click here.

How do I input my prescription details on your website?

Please click here for further details.

I bought an item online but it is now faulty, what can I do?

Please contact us as we will need further details from you on 01644 30 2020 or email

I have seen a frame in-store (another optician) but I can’t seem to find it on your website?

If you have seen a frame in a different highstreet store and you want to purchase it with us but you cannot find it on our website then please contact us and we will look into this for you.

It may be that we could still get this frame for you with our suppliers or it may be that it has now been discontinued so we can no longer get the frame. Please contact us 01644 30 2020 or email

I saw a product on a celebrity.. Can I buy it from you?

As we stock several brands and individual products we may have what you are looking for. Simply send us an image via email or a link to a website where you have seen the item and we will try our best to find the frame for you.

Please contact 01644 30 2020 or email at

What if my frames require adjusting after I receive them?

If your feel your frames require a minor adjustment, most optical stores will carry this out. Usually they will do this without charge but in some cases a small fee may be applicable.

Where can I buy an item I have seen advertised?

If you have seen as item that has been advertised then we may have it in stock so please contact us on 01644 30 2020 or email at Our customer support team will be happy to help you.