Ray-BanRB3025 RB 3025 W3235 BLACK GREEN LENS

RB3025 RB 3025 001/51 GoldRB3025 RB 3025 001/33 GoldRB3025 RB 3025 001/3E GoldRB3025 RB 3025 001/3F GOLDRB3025 RB 3025 001/3K GOLDRB3025 RB 3025 001/57 GoldRB3025 RB 3025 001/58 GOLDRB3025 RB 3025 001/M2 Shiny GoldRB3025 RB 3025 002/4J Shiny BlackRB3025 RB 3025 002/4O Shiny BlackRB3025 RB 3025 002/58 BlackRB3025 RB 3025 003/32 SilverRB3025 RB 3025 003/3F SILVERRB3025 RB 3025 004/51 GUNMETALRB3025 RB 3025 004/58 GunmetalRB3025 RB 3025 004/78 GunmetalRB3025 RB 3025 019/W3 SilverRB3025 RB 3025 019/Z2 Matte Silver/Pink Mirror LensRB3025 RB 3025 112/17 Gold/Blue LensRB3025 RB 3025 112/19 Gold/Green LensRB3025 RB 3025 112/4T GoldRB3025 RB 3025 112/69 Gold/Orange LensRB3025 RB 3025 112/85 GoldRB3025 RB 3025 112/93 Gold/Olive LensRB3025 RB 3025 112/M2 Matte GoldRB3025 RB 3025 112/P9 Gold/Green PolarisedRB3025 RB 3025 112/W3 Gold MirroredRB3025 RB 3025 167/1M Bronze/Purple Mirror LensRB3025 RB 3025 167/4K Bronze/Lilac LensRB3025 RB 3025 181 GoldRB3025 RB 3025 181/71 GoldRB3025 RB 3025 9020C4 Metallic Light BronzeRB3025 RB 3025 W0879 GUNMETAL GREEN LENSRB3025 RB 3025 W3234 GOLD GREEN LENSRB3025 RB 3025 W3235 BLACK GREEN LENSRB3025 RB 3025 W3277 SilverRB3025 001/78 GoldRB3025 002/4W Shiny BlackRB3025 029/30 Matte GunmetalRB3025 112/1Q Gold/Pink MirroredRB3025 112/4D GoldRB3025 167/1R Brushed BronzeRB3025 197/71 Shiny BronzeRB3025 9001A5 Shiny Light BronzeRB3025 9002A6 Shiny Medium BronzeRB3025 9018C3 Metlallic Medium BronzeRB3025 9019/C2 Metallic Dark BronzeRB3025 9019C2 Metallic Dark BronzeRB3025 9020/C4 Matallic Light BronzeRB3025 90644C GoldRB3025 90644I GoldRB3025 90664A Black
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The Best Selling Sunglasses Worldwide Ray-Ban aviator RB3025 >

This ladies and gentlemen is the Original Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 Sunglasses. It's the design that started it all. Originally intended for US military fighter pilots in 1937. Ray-Ban aviator shades are now a timeless wardrobe essential. The refined Gold Frames and G15 lens combined with iconic style, make you look good and feel cool. The Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses RB3025 is your 2012 must have.

Key Characteristics

Brand: Ray-Ban
Size: 58-14
Colour: Black
Style: Aviator
Type: Full Rim
Prescription: Prescription Sunglasses
  • 12 month warranty
  • Brand case & cloth included
  • Brand authenticity guaranteed