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PradaPR 53SS 2AU3D0 Havana

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PR 53SS PR53SS 1AB6N2 BlackPR 53SS PR53SS 1AB0A7 BlackPR 53SS 2AU3D0 HavanaPR 53SS PR53SS 2AU6O0 TortoisePR 53SS PR53SS UE00A6 Spotted Brown Pink
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Prada’s influential runway is instilled in these frames as well as celebrated craftsmanship.

Rich timeless tortoiseshell will never lose its charm. As well as always looking refined it compliments all hair and skin tones.

The cat eye’s upswept feline framework adds instant drama that's irresistible.

Key Characteristics

Brand: Prada
Size: 52-21
Colour: Tortoiseshell
Style: Cat Eye
Type: Full Rim
Material: Metal
  • 12 month warranty
  • Brand case & cloth included
  • Brand authenticity guaranteed