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A legend OF fashion, this Italian eyewear brand delivers outstanding styles with innovative and contemporary designs. Simplicity and minimalism are always key throughout his collections.

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The long awaited new Giorgio Armani collection has arrived, with the technical excellence and innovation at the forefront of its design.

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The sunglasses range by Giorgio Armani offers elegance with down-to-earth styles. His designs remain fashion forward and appeal to every indvidual. Made with high quality materials, this luxury brand will never fail to please you.

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Giorgio Armani - A brief History
Giorgio Armani began his company in Italy 1975. By the Year 2001, he was seen as the greatest designer to ever have come from that emerged from Italy. A bold statement due to volume of world class designers and fashionistas that Italy has produced. Giorgio Armani is a brand dedicated to perfume, accessories, men and women's ready-to wear fashion, as well as Giorgio Armani eyewear among many other fashion interests. One of the largest fashion empires in the world, Giorgio Armani adds exclusivness and charm to his collection of frames. When asked what you are wearing, be sure to answer the magic word, “Armani”. For that red-carpet dressing, shop now.
These two Italian designers worked hard to grab their share of the market and today they are one of the hottest fashion brands in the world. Loved by many big celebrity names like Maddonna, Sophia Loren and the Beckhams.Madonna now even involved with her own Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses collection which is in high demand. The sunglasses combine the taste and style of of Madonna herself, she picked designs by Dolce and Gabanna because they made her look "fantastically sexy".
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The material construction of their glasses is unique to every individual model. Some glasses are crafted from stainless steel with gemstones fitted into them. All Giorgio Armani glasses and sunglasses are hypoallergenic with even the strongest metal ones being crafted from an innovative aluminum and Optyl resin material that is merged with nickel free high-end surgical grade steel. Eyeglasses crafted by Giorgio Armani are master crafted and unique. No two Giorgio Armani eyewear models are alike, and as such each is at the height of fashion. The company only crafts top tier designer eyewear whether they be spectacles or sunglasses. They are popular because they are form fitting, comfortable and stylish. The range of Giorgio Armani frames is defined by the use of quality materials and production methods, resulting in a look that is unique and personal.Giorgio Armani glasses are a unique experience. They are largely responsible for removing some of the stigma surrounding individuals that wear glasses to read due to their comfortable and stylish design.
Giorgio Armani's spring/summer 2014 collection entitled 'La Femme Bleue"
Life is made up of moments that follow each other, constantly bringing something new. It is composed of different sensations and emotions, and our eyewear accompanies you on this fascinating journey, like a trusted accessory from which you never want to be separated. This project is inspired by the Giorgio Armani archive eyewear collections. These are more than just reproductions of original models that rediscover the artisan quality of those collections and evoke the spirit of the traditional production methods used to make eyewear in the past. The initiative is also a strategic one, for which the main production lines, typical of those years, have been started up again. The result is a collection of eyewear that maintains a strong identity linked to how it is manufactured. At the time these were modern pieces, and now in a modern way we have rediscovered our roots. These are objects with a refined design, which accompany us in every moment of our lives.