Vintage style and a glamorous look characterise the Dior glasses collection. Attention to detail is key here, with embellished precious ornaments that remain faithful; to the brand's charming style.

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Dior sunglasses consist of geometric lines that give typical authenticity and elegance. Colours play a big part to this collection with various shades that catch the eye.

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Hand-made pieces especially designed for men, with vintage in nature. Dior Homme eyewear is contemporary and timeless with a touch of subtleness

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From the winter 2013 runway show this frame is beautifully oversized in a butterfly shape. We love the attention to detail and asymmetric for arms.

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A brief history Christian Dior was born in a small coastal village called Grenville in France in 1905 where he remained with his family until moving to Paris when he was just five years old. It was in 1935 when Christian Dior took his first steps as a professional designer when after the sudden death of both his Brother and his Mother and being close to financial ruin he began to sell his pencil sketched fashion designs. It was during the second World War Christian Dior served in the military but designing ladies fashion was never far from his thoughts and in 1941 he moved back to France and again began to establish himself in the world of fashion designs aided by fellow designer Lucien Lelong. However the designs were not met with favour by many of the governments of the day due to the lavish use of layers of expensive materials which they considered to be wasteful and over extravagant. However not to be deterred Christian continued and quickly found that his curvy feminine designs found favour with his customers who appreciated the extravagance especially after the wars dark and drab rationed clothing. Dior eyewear - High quality craftmanship Christian Dior feature the most fashionable and elegant Christian Dior glasses collection for both men and women. John Galliano's vision having re-branded the legendary Parisian house as it pursues classy couture with new Dior styles. Browse the collection now and discover the sexiest Dior glasses available at the lowest prices today. Dior glasses are a fabulous way to fulfill your eyecare needs without sacrificing a sense of style. The Dior range of glasses and sunglasses offer a variety of appealing styles for both men and women. Furthermore, the brand is known for its high quality craftsmanship, so a purchase can be counted upon to last through years of constant use. One of Paris’s finest couture label One of Paris’s finest couture label that has created 60 years of extravagance and glamour. From the ladylike silhouettes of Dior’s “New Look” to beautifully crafted frames, we j’adore Dior! Ever-stylish and full of elegance, dior frames have a-list fans like; Cherlize Theron, Paris Hilton and Cheryl Cole, so shop now and be part of the celebrity culture. Dior at Eyewear Brands Christian Dior is now established as one of the biggest designer brands in the world and operates a massive chain of outlet boutiques all over the World. The company produces a huge range of perfumes and designer goods including spectacles and sunglasses. Eyewear Brands source all our Dior spectacle frames and sunglasses directly from Christian Dior's production line in Italy to ensure that you are the proud owner of a high quality genuine Christian Dior Product. All our dior glasses and dior prescription sunglasses come complete with prescription lenses and are manufactured by UK Opticians.
View the latest 2014 collections from Dior. These include; Dior Les Marquises and Dior Le Grand Bal. Dior offers an expanding range of styles in their collection of frames. They have shapes to suit everyone, from Dior cat eye glasses and Dior aviator glasses. Dior bestselling glasses for 2014, are Dior cd3197, cd3201 and cd3198.
The latest 2014 Dior sunglasses collections, include; the Dior Lady Lady and Dior Croisette. They have many styles in this range from Dior cat eye sunglasses and Dior wayfarer style sunglasses. The bestselling Dior sunglasses are Dior glossy1 and Dior lady lady 1.
The bestselling Dior prescription sunglasses is the Dior mohotani and Dior my lady dior 6. Here at Eyewearbrands we offer FREE standard Essilor lenses on Dior ophthalmic glasses and Dior prescription sunglasses with Free Anti-Reflective and Anti-Scratch coatings. Also check out some of the current Dior eyewear trends; Dior sixties scene and Dior the future.